Here are some projects I have completed and am currently working on, and might be some that I never end up finishing 🤣.

  • Portfolio v3

    February 5, 2023

    I am currently updating my portfolio website after three years of working as a front-end developer, utilizing ReactJs and NextJs.

📓 Latest Posts

  • Learning React Context API

    Context API is a feature added in Reacy 16.3 that allows to share states across the entire application.

  • TS Basic: Literal Types

    Literal Types allow you to SPECIFY that a variable or parameter MUST HAVE A PARTICULAR value

  • TS Basic: Type Assertion

    Sometimes you will have information about the type of value that TS can’t know about. Type assertions are used to explicitly specify the type of a value when the TS compiler is unable to infer it automatically.

  • TS Basic: Interfaces

    Interface declaration is another way to name an object type.

  • TS Basic: Type Aliases

    Type aliases are a way of creating a custom name for your type variables, functions and objects for reusability and readability.

  • TS Basic: Type Annotation

    Type annotation is where you can optionally add a type to explicitly specify the type of the variables, function ( parameters and return ), and objects.