What I’m working On

Here are some stuff I’ve worked on and stuff I’m currently working on.

  • Portfolio v3

    February 5, 2023

    Updating my Portfolio website after 3years of working as front-end developer using ReactJs and NextJs.

Featured Notes

  • Sticky Navigation / Sidebar

    Creating sticky navigation or a sidebar? Here's a quick html and css only approach.

  • Simple Notification Component

    Let’s create a simple notification component without using any library.

  • media queries range syntax

    Here’s a great way to use your `@media` queries without thinking of what kind of break-point to set in your `min-widht` or `max-width`.

  • NextJS + Sanity.io Pagination Fun! 😒

    All right, this one was so FUN! ( emphasis on Fun! ). I’ve been trying to do this for a couple of days and finally managed to find a solution. Thanks, ChatGPT!

  • create your own useState

    Creating a useState method using vanilla javascript.

  • default exports vs named export

    Why export in javascript? - cleaner code - one source of files to look into - utils folder is a good way to use exports

  • generate keys for your list item ( react )

    I usually just use an index for my key values when creating a list of items in React and for me, that will do. This will solve my "You need a key for your list items" warning message in my console when building React application.

  • Flexbox: Full Height Layout

    Making sure my layout is full height when using flexbox. Header always on top, footer always on the bottom is key 🔑

  • useForm

    If you’ve been doing ReactJS for some time you know that it’s a lot of work to do <Forms /> in React. There’s just too much stuff you have to do and consider. You have to do your own state management for the inputs else it’ll not work.

  • styled-component props

    I like using styled-component for my project because I have to put the style inside my component rather than putting it in some folder to make it more organized!